Looking Ahead to Worship in July

As we have reflected on next steps for gathering together in person for worship, we have recognized that different individuals have radically different comfort levels. Acknowledging that, being informed by CDC guidelines and state regulations, and recognizing that worship will need to involve face masks, social/physical distancing, and other precautions, our ad hoc committee has recommended that we begin in July to create the opportunity for those who wish to worship in the sanctuary to do so.

We believe that the majority of our members and friends will continue to worship online at 11. That said, on June 28, we will have an additional service outdoors at SPC at 9:30. Similarly, we will have an outdoor worship service on July 5, and will have the sanctuary available for worship at the 11:00 hour (on that day and for the foreseeable future). At least initially, we will be asking you to register for worship (just call or email the church office). That is simply so we can make sure that we can ensure a safe environment. 

Please click HERE for the July Return to Worship Plans.

Thanks again to Larry Hull, Karen McKinley, Nick Stampfli, Kathy Stark, and Peggy Troyer, for their thoughtful reflections and for the time they have invested already in working through your surveys, thinking through logistics, creating videos and signage, buying cleaning products, and reflecting systematically about how we can be most responsible in all we do.


Covid Resources

In anticipation of our having the opportunity to return to worship, here are some insights and creative thoughts from Nurse Peggy on hand washing, face masks, and social distancing.