Current Sermon Series


How do you live out your faith?  How do you keep your faith alive? How do you find faith when your world is turned upside down?  In reflecting on the Psalms, Harold Kushner writes, “There are days when I have trouble (with faith), days when I wonder about the efficacy of prayer and whether good will indeed triumph in the end. On days like that, I need to turn to the Psalms, not to find answers, . . . not to be told what to believe, but to be reminded of what the world looks like when seen through the eyes of a believer.”  

During the weeks between Easter and Pentecost, we will be looking at faith through the eyes of believers like Cleopas, Job, Abraham, and James. Please join us on the journey.

April 11  “Cleopas and a Friend: Faith Despite Disappointment” John 20:19-31 

April 18  “Job and Solomon: Faith When God Seems Absent or Silent” Ecclesiastes 1:2-14, Job 23:1-17

April 25   “From Abel to Moses: Finding Faith through Each Other” Hebrews 10:23-25, 11:1-4, 11:39-12:2

May 2      “Abraham: When Your Faith Demands that You Question God” Genesis 22:1-19    

May 9      “James: When Faith Isn’t Enough” James 2:14-19

May 16    “David: The End of Faith” Psalm 4