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Intergenerational Faith Formation at Second

Faith Formation at Second Presbyterian Church develops through . . . 




Prayer Partners

Sunday School

Discipleship Events/Youth Group

Life at Home

Relationships with Neighbors

 “At every baptism, we vow to love, pray for, instruct, encourage, and sustain another member of our church family. But it takes more than just worshiping together to complete this checklist of baptismal vows. Fulfilling these vows requires relationships. Fulfilling these vows requires us to put ourselves in a position where we can know and be known by the children and youth of [our church].”    

—Annette Ediger, Minister of Faith Formation, Church of the Servant, Casting a Vision for Intergenerational Ministry, network.crcna.org

Relationships have a more lasting impact than programs.”    —Robert J. Keeley, Helping Our Children Grow in Faith, p. 35

As a small congregation, we create the feeling of a Second family. We create opportunities for children and youth that integrate them in distinctive and meaningful ways . . . 

. . . . by being mentored and supported by other adults

. . . . by participating actively in worship, not just through the Time of Discovery, but through leadership (including reading prayer and scripture)

. . . .by taking youth and teens out of the building

. . . . by partnering with parents

. . . . by having all sorts of family, intergenerational events