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Worship Tools

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In the church sanctuary, we are surrounded by many sensory experiences that impact our engagement in worship: the sound (in the room) of music, silence, whispers, and talking; the sight of windows, symbols, faces, and architecture; the feeling of holding hymnals, vibrating voices, and shared space.
While not a replacement for that environment, we hope these short videos from our Director of Music, Bob Shoup, can help create an immersive, worshipful atmosphere while in our homes. We hope that they are “directive” enough thematically to be spiritually useful, but also broad and “open” enough to allow for each person to find their own meaningful experience.


Easter Visual Postlude

“Let Justice Roll Like a River”



The first short video is, “Waiting.” Inspired by passages from the Psalms and writings of Rumi, it simply acknowledges our experience of waiting: its stillness, our impatience, and our capacity for hope.

“What If”