Middle / Senior High Youth Group

During this COVID season, the goal of the youth group is to stay connected to God and to each other, and to continue to reach out to others. Currently, the group has one mission project scheduled per month. Please see youth group leader Katie White with any questions.

Please see the information below on what youth group is like on a normal basis.

Instead of attending traditional Sunday School classes, middle and high school youth are encouraged to develop their faith following an activity based schedule. There are many opportunities at Second Presbyterian Church to grow your faith and to become involved, but the Second Presbyterian youth will have the following monthly activities designed specifically for them:

One mission activity per month: a mission activity, either on or off-site. Please check the church and/or PWSJC calendar for details.

2nd Sunday of the month: attend a “hot topics” discussion, where current events and Biblical applications are explored.

3rd Sunday of the month: assist with worship,acting as liturgists and lay Scripture readers, offering prayers, etc.

4th Sunday of the month: a fellowship activity off-site,a fun way to get to know one another!